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Public Client Litigation

in Commercial & Governmental

State and local governments are able to prosecute claims and pursue remedies, on their citizens’ behalf, under their own states’ laws, as well as under various federal laws. Just like private parties, governmental entities can directly pursue remedies for their citizens’ injuries in the court system, but the reality of tight budgets and overextended legal departments often makes that a more theoretical than practical option. Bridging that gap, DiCello Levitt offers public clients the most capable and aggressive assistance in responding to large-scale harm and injustices through legal action in fields including consumer, securities, healthcare, automotive, and environmental law. In litigation with the highest stakes, we bring the full resources of a leading private-sector law firm to municipalities and states by partnering with them to achieve optimal success.

Our attorneys bring a deep understanding of the public-client perspective, having worked alongside government attorneys and investigators in many of our cases—including, for instance, the Volkswagen emissions scandal and the Takata airbag litigation, in which we represented both public and private clients. Furthermore, several of our partners began their careers as governmental prosecutors.

How We Serve

With our vast resources and experience in massive litigation involving widespread injuries and challenging factual investigation, we help our public clients win justice and bring social change in the following types of matters:

  • Defective automotive products
  • Financial and securities fraud perpetrated against public clients
  • Mass environmental torts
  • Defective drugs and devices
  • Healthcare-related fraud

Standing Strong on the Public’s Side

The attorneys of DiCello Levitt have recovered billions of dollars in financial damages from some of the largest and most powerful corporate defendants in the world, across a variety of industries, in individual, mass tort, and class actions. We bring this same level of dedication to justice in pursuing litigation benefitting the public at large and correcting corporate abuses alongside state Attorneys General, city attorneys, and other public officials.

Keeping the Spotlight on You

When we work with our public clients to win justice for cities, states, and individuals, we always maintain an unswerving focus on what is best for our public clients today, tomorrow, and years into the future, with the spotlight remaining on the public, not us. Our mission is to support our public clients through active, ongoing collaboration while drawing on our significant legal, scientific, and technological resources to aggressively pursue victory on the public’s behalf.

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