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Class Action Litigation

in Personal & Class Action

The attorneys of DiCello Levitt have represented plaintiffs in some of the largest and most consequential class action litigations in history. Our cases have ranged from the Volkswagen emissions scandal to biotechnology litigation concerning genetically-modified crops and defective herbicides, as well as complex, multistate automotive litigation; unfair competition litigation; and financial services litigation implicating securities, commodities, consumer credit, and insurance fraud. The common thread running through each of our engagements is our ability to successfully organize, strategize, prosecute, and resolve large class action cases. Recognized widely for our relentless and effective representation of victims, we are routinely appointed to act as lead counsel across a wide variety of class action cases to advance, enforce, and protect the rights of millions of Americans while recovering billions of dollars on their behalf.

We have developed particular strength in high-value class actions involving automotive industry defendants, having achieved successful results in the Volkswagen litigation and matters addressing a wide range of auto defects. In addition to our well-known work in drug and medical device cases, we also have emerged as a leader in class actions addressing harmful effects of biotechnology.

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    Our Track Record

    When DiCello Levitt ’s attorneys pursue a class action case, their mission is to obtain the largest possible recovery on behalf of class members. Here are a few of our attorneys’ recent successes:

    • $1.1 billion in settlements with Bayer for damages caused by genetically-modified rice
    • $550 million settlement with DuPont over herbicide-caused harm to landowners
    • $110 million in settlements with Aventis for damages caused by genetically-modified corn
    • $52 million settlement against Mercury Payment Systems for merchants defrauded in Mercury’s credit card processing scheme
    • $16.7 billion settlement with Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, and Bosch arising out of the diesel “defeat device” emissions scandal

    The Resources to Win

    DiCello Levitt ’s consistent success in winning enormous class action settlements and verdicts is a direct result of the intense and prolonged preparation that we bring to bear in every class action we pursue. Our experienced attorneys work tirelessly for months, and often years, with expert scientific and technical consultants, economists, engineers, market consultants, and witnesses across all relevant industries to ensure that, whether pretrial, at trial, or on appeal, we have all of the resources necessary to win on our clients’ behalf.

    Pursuing Justice in Your Case

    If you have been economically injured by a large corporation, it can feel as though you have no legal recourse with a single claim against such a formidable defendant. By working with the class action attorneys of DiCello Levitt , however, you can leverage your power against even the most massive defendants by joining with other plaintiffs, led by one of the leading class action firms in the nation, committed to winning full recovery on your behalf and on behalf of others with claims similar to yours.


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