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Drug & Device Litigation

in Personal & Class Action

If you have been injured by a defective drug or device, winning recovery often means having to go to battle against some of the largest pharmaceutical and medical manufacturers in the world. At DiCello Levitt, our attorneys have a rich history of successfully doing just that by investigating, litigating, and winning enormous settlements and verdicts on behalf of individuals across the country who have been seriously injured by defective drugs and medical devices. With our established track record in this area, DiCello Levitt’s attorneys are regularly selected by federal and state courts to lead the plaintiffs’ lawyers team representing plaintiffs in mass tort and product liability actions, including being appointed co-lead counsel for women affected by defective mesh to multiple national appointments to plaintiffs’ leadership committees in defective metal hip implant litigations, which ultimately led to over $2 billion in recovery on behalf of injured plaintiffs, and being appointed co-lead counsel in biotechnology litigation that recovered more than $1.1 billion for economically injured farmers.

The frequent appointment of our attorneys as plaintiff’s counsel in landmark drug and device litigation in jurisdictions nationwide – as well as our attorneys’ consistent success in recovering settlements and verdicts on behalf of our clients – is a direct result of the comprehensive, consummate approach we bring to each defective drug and device case we litigate, with a goal of exploiting every resource at our disposal on behalf of our clients.

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    A History of Success

    Our attorneys have a wide range of experience in successfully litigating some of the most significant drug and device cases in recent history, including, among others: being appointed co-lead counsel in multidistrict litigation related to pelvic mesh implant litigation; litigation recovering damages for permanent sexual dysfunction side effects from use of the drug Propecia; national multidistrict litigation related to alleged defects in Mentor Corp’s Transobturator Sling; and litigation recovering damages related to use of Cox-2 inhibitors.

    Committed to Our Clients

    Medical drug and device litigation presents significant challenges, but DiCello Levitt has the resources and skills to successfully tackle the enormous technological, scientific, medical, and legal obstacles in pursuing recovery on behalf of individual clients who have suffered injuries. Our attorneys are committed to meeting these challenges, and on behalf of injured victims facing serious financial and medical challenges and our results are testament to that ongoing commitment.

    Win Recovery

    When you are injured by a defective drug or device, you are entitled to full recovery for past and future medical bills relating to the injury; your lifetime pain and suffering caused by the drug or device; financial losses due to inability to work; and, in some cases, punitive damages where a manufacturer acted egregiously. At DiCello Levitt, our experienced legal team will work tirelessly to win every aspect of recovery to which you are entitled.

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