About DiCello Levitt

Mark DiCello and Adam Levitt co-founded DiCello Levitt with the mission of achieving justice in all its dimensions. The firm represents businesses, individuals, and public clients injured by the wrongs of others. DiCello Levitt works tirelessly to secure a more just and equitable future for its clients. And with more than $18 billion in recoveries since 2017, DiCello Levitt is off to a great start.

For the most part, DiCello Levitt restricts its practice to the representation of plaintiffs, most of which need help with complex litigation matters. Because DiCello Levitt hires talented lawyers who share the firm’s values and offer a breadth of experience and expertise, DiCello Levitt is regularly the first choice for clients looking for top-flight legal representation in class action, mass tort, public client, whistleblower/qui tam, cybersecurity, complex commercial, securities, and financial services litigation, to name just a few of our practice areas. Our “trial first” philosophy, respected courtroom acumen, and unyielding dedication set industry standards, advance the law and result in larger settlements and verdicts than in other similar cases.

Standing idly by is not an option for DiCello Levitt. Every day, in every way, we’re working to provide a fairer and safer world. That’s why, in just a few years’ time, we’ve expanded from 11 lawyers in two offices to more than 50 lawyers in five offices nationwide. We go wherever in the world we need to go for our clients, and we innovate to achieve historic results. When we see opportunities to make a larger, more meaningful impact, we strategize and do just that.  

We also recognize that the cause of justice starts at home. With a less hierarchical approach to law firm management, DiCello Levitt fosters trust and communication within the firm that benefits our team and our clients. Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging are essential elements of a thriving community, and we actively recruit women, minority, and LGBTQ lawyers who demonstrate acumen and responsibility, regardless of their seniority.

DiCello Levitt focuses on more than just achieving “best in class” results for our clients. One of our goals is for our cases to change human and corporate behavior so that we’re all safer in the future. Another is to influence society and the law to ensure a more responsible and dignified justice system. Since 2017, DiCello Levitt has advanced the law to provide enhanced cybersecurity, product safety, civil rights and human rights protections, and governmental transparency. When you work with DiCello Levitt, you’re not only protecting your own rights and future, but you’re also meaningfully contributing to a safer, fairer world.

More About DiCello Levitt: Social Responsibility

DiCello Levitt’s social responsibility credo is to advance justice in all its dimensions, from protecting individual rights to environmental justice to restoring basic human dignity through the justice system. Practicing law is an honor and ensuring our clients’ rights is fundamental to our firm’s value system. The firm secured one of the largest police brutality civil rights verdicts in American history in Arnold Black v. Detective Randy Hicks, and our attorneys explain,

We hope this verdict reminds other police departments that there are citizens who are brave enough to fight for their rights and advocates who are determined to restore those citizens’ dignity. I hope this decision motivates other officers to come forward when they see wrongdoing among their ranks.

Bobby DiCello, Partner

If a fellow officer had spoken up years ago at that police department and others, maybe Arnold Black and countless other people wouldn’t have been victimized.

Mark DiCello, Co-Founding Partner

DiCello Levitt views its cases in terms of fundamental human rights and fairness. PFAS contaminated water cases are accurately referred to as “environmental,” but, at the end of the day, we ask, “Is it fair for chemical manufacturers and companies that use those manufacturers’ deadly chemicals in producing their products to pollute citizens’ drinking water and cause rampant damages to natural resources with these ‘forever chemicals’?” In DiCello Levitt’s view, environmental contamination is, at its core, antithetical to human dignity and fairness. We relentlessly pursue these values and currently advise multiple state Attorneys General in complex PFAS matters.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB)

DiCello Levitt actively recruits women, LGBTQ, and minority lawyers. We give each new team member instant agency and accountability. Our goal is to hand-pick the most talented, creative, and innovative advocates available and give them the mentorship and resources to flourish.

The firm’s DEIB Committee co-chairs, Amy Keller and David Straite, are integral to DiCello Levitt’s growth toward reflecting the face of America. DiCello Levitt values authenticity and promotes transparency by regularly breaking out in groups to check in with the team.

DiCello Levitt Cares

DiCello Levitt’s charitable foundation, DLG Cares, promotes access to justice. DLG Cares recently made a substantial, long-term investment in Justice Defenders, a nonprofit organization that provides paralegal and legal training to African prisoners who are denied due process. With the training that Justice Defenders provides, these prisoners are empowered to represent themselves in court and beyond. DiCello Levitt hopes its support of Justice Defenders and its extraordinary programs enables wrongfully-imprisoned individuals to advance beyond presenting their own cases and will encourage them to become paralegals and lawyers beyond the prison walls.

The DiCello Levitt Trial Advocacy Center

DiCello Levitt has earned a reputation for leadership. With our record-setting resolutions of high-profile class actions and multidistrict litigations, colleagues and judges naturally look to us for leadership.

We’re a trial firm. With our firm’s commitment to creating new trial lawyers and constantly improving trial skills through in-house focus group and mock trial practice, we work cases up from a trial first perspective. That way we quickly identify and analyze problems and immediately mobilize resources that protect our clients and solve problems.

Greg Gutzler, Partner

We created the DiCello Levitt Trial Advocacy Center to refine messaging with neuroscientific methods of persuasion through in-house focus groups and mock trial practice. Using a proprietary system, we survey, test, intuit, and then re-test to grasp the nuances of juror mindsets. Ultimately, we seek truth with a scientific focus on what persuades, what connects, and what wins.

Future Forward

The world continues to change around us. While the problems of the day ebb and flow, the combination of a collaborative environment, diversified workplace, and excellent client advocacy give DiCello Levitt extraordinary power and resilience in the face of adversity. Let us show you what we can do for you.