The Dicello Levitt Trial Center

Leading the way in Trial Science

The DiCello Levitt Trial Center combines a science-based, multidisciplinary approach to anticipate juror behavior and craft compelling stories for trial. By applying our proprietary system to uncover jurors’ decision-making processes, the Trial Center reveals the winning message in every case.

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You win a trial by just listening to people…

–Bobby DiCello

The Trial Center serves
as an outstanding:

Training solution to sharpen our lawyers’ trial skills as they engage in high-stakes litigation


Research base for focus groups, mock trials, mediation, and arbitration


Platform for litigators to test their case with a science-informed method of trial preparation


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Trial Advocacy Powered by Science

The DiCello Levitt Trial Center relies on hard science to build trial presentations that engage, compel, and win. Our attorneys incorporate the latest research findings in linguistics, literacy, information processing, and cognitive neuroscience to interpret focus group feedback and formulate advanced trial strategies that run circles around the traditional litigation methodologies of our adversaries.

Led by Renowned Trial Lawyers

Trial Center Team Leader Bobby DiCello and Trial Center Coordinator Ken Abbarno collaborate with other talented advocates at DiCello Levitt, such as Chris Stombaugh. The Trial Center’s lawyers are among the nation’s most sought-after trial lawyers because of their knowledge and experience with the decision-making behavior of contemporary jurors and the art of trial messaging.

Transformational Storytelling in Action

Winning facts are important to success in court. However, the Trial Center teaches lawyers how to elevate factual presentations with transformational storytelling that is rooted in a deep understanding of the rational choice behavior of contemporary decision-makers and ultimately compels judges and jurors to embrace a client’s case.

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