Why Join Us?

Our success is a direct result of teamwork and collaboration.

—Mark DiCello

Why Join Us?

We want everyone in the firm to be exactly who they are.

—Adam Levitt

Why Join Us?

We have the courage to hold companies accountable.

—Diandra “Fu” Debrosse Zimmermann

Attorney Showcase

Elizabeth Paige White

“This firm has shown me that they are dedicated to making my dreams and my goals a reality.”

Elizabeth Paige White

I became a lawyer to be a voice for the voiceless – to fight for their rights and hold people accountable for the harm they cause. DiCello Levitt has given me the opportunity and the platform to effect real change and advance the rights of individuals and entire communities.

In my first month as an associate at the firm, I was given a microphone and put on a national stage to talk about the case of a young Black man killed by police and how this has impacted his family and the community. I’m able to be responsive to injustices I see in the world, and if there’s something we can do about it, the firm is behind me. I’m an integral member of a team involved in important cases with wide-reaching consequences for millions of people. 

DiCello Levitt is committed to honing my craft as a trial advocate through science-based training on courtroom messaging, jury decision-making, and communication. Trailblazing trial litigators push my boundaries, helping me to better connect with potential jurors and reaffirming my belief that compassion and empathy are powerful tools in creating mass change.

From my Mentor

“Paige is a natural communicator and instinctive torchbearer for civil rights who is poised to lead cases with the potential to influence powerful change.”

— Ken Abbarno, Partner

Attorney Showcase

Peter Soldato

“Regardless of what anyone’s specific title is at DiCello Levitt, at the end of the day, it’s about teamwork and the ultimate goal of serving the client.”

Peter Soldato

I was drawn to DiCello Levitt because of the firm’s craftsman-like approach to litigation work. We don’t churn through cases hastily – we develop them fully. We do everything we can to maximize the impact of our cases, even if that means seeing them all the way through trial or arbitration.

A critical part of that work is done through the firm’s Trial Advocacy Center. Even when we’re not in trial, we conduct focus groups to better understand our cases and to advocate more effectively on behalf of our clients so that we are maximally prepared if we ultimately go to trial. Not every firm gives associates a chance to do this kind of work, but at DiCello Levitt, we have opportunities to step up to bat in a practice setting before we get to the real thing.

I envision and hope for a lasting career at DiCello Levitt in which I remain involved with the Trial Advocacy Center and help train the next generation of trial lawyers – to fortify both the firm’s longevity as a top-tier trial firm and its vital role in securing just outcomes for those injured by the wrongs of others. 

From my Mentor

“Pete works hard on his cases because he genuinely cares about his clients, and his talent for teaching helps us show other attorneys the art of trial advocacy.”

— Bobby DiCello, Partner

EEOC Statement

DiCello Levitt LLP is committed to ensuring equal employment opportunity and nondiscrimination. The firm prohibits unlawful discrimination in any term or condition of employment against any employee or applicant for employment because of the individual’s race, color, creed, religion, sex, age, marital status, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, genetic information, disability, membership or service in the armed forces, or any other characteristic protected by law.

I belong here.So do you.

DiversiTy, equity, & Inclusion at Dicello Levitt.

Open Positions


We are presently seeking attorneys for the following practice areas:

Products Liability Litigation
Catastrophic Injury Litigation
Financial Services and Commercial Litigation
Technology and Cybersecurity Litigation
Class Action Litigation

Please send a cover letter, resume, law school transcript, writing sample, and references to  

Digital Marketing Manager

U.S. Remote

We are seeking an experienced Digital Marketing Manager to oversee the firm’s social media marketing strategy and other digital platforms to support firmwide marketing efforts for our diverse practices and attorneys.

Social Media Specialist

U.S. Remote

The Social Media Specialist will develop and execute the firm’s social media marketing strategy and enhance engagement on the firm’s and attorneys’ social media channels.

Marketing Content Writer

U.S. Remote

The Marketing Content Writer will be responsible for developing content for a variety of channels, working closely with members of the communications and marketing team to ensure consistency of the firm’s brand and style.

Marketing Communications Coordinator

U.S. Remote

The Marketing Communications Coordinator will assist in developing and executing marketing and communications strategies to support strategic firm objectives for its practices and attorneys.

Marketing and Communications Interns

Cleveland | New York

The interns will actively participate in a variety of marketing and communications functions for our diverse practice areas and attorneys, including creating engaging content that supports the firm’s brand and client advocacy efforts.

Social Justice Marketing Interns

Chicago | Cleveland | New York

The interns will participate in a variety of marketing and communications functions for the firm and create engaging content that illustrates DiCello Levitt’s client advocacy, and our role in paving the way for a more just and equitable world.