Adam Levitt Appointed Co-Lead Counsel in Ford F-150 Class Action Lawsuit

Nov 28, 2018

DiCello Levitt co-founding partner, Adam J. Levitt, has been appointed interim co-lead class counsel in national class action litigation against Ford Motor Company related to the allegedly defective braking system on Ford’s F-150 model trucks. Joining Levitt as co-lead class counsel are E. Powell Miller of The Miller Law Firm, P.C., W. Daniel “Dee” Miles, III of Beasley Allen, and Mark Chalos of Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein.

The lawsuit involves Ford’s F-150 truck for model years 2013-2018 and alleges that the vehicles’ brake master cylinders contain piston cup seals that roll within their grooves and become unseated. This allows brake fluid to escape from the master cylinder, resulting in loss of brake fluid, which leads to loss of hydraulic pressure on the brake system, and eventually resulting in loss of brake function on the class vehicles.

Despite knowledge of the master cylinder defect and the tremendous risk it posed to vehicle owners, operators, passengers, and those that share the road with Ford F-150 trucks, Ford continued to sell hundreds of thousands of F-150s. While Ford admitted to the existence of the master cylinder defect when it issued a safety recall in 2016, this remedy was entirely inadequate as it only applied to a limited portion of affected vehicles and merely called for the replacement of one defective part with another defective part.

“It is a privilege to work with my co-lead counsel to hold Ford accountable for its failure to keep consumers and the public safe when it essentially disregarded significant defects on Ford F-150 vehicles,” said Levitt. “The F-150 is one of the most popular trucks in the country and for Ford to give so little attention to this dangerous situation is egregious.”

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