DiCello Levitt Files Class Action in Wake of University Hospitals’ Egg & Embryo Disaster

Mar 11, 2018

DiCello Levitt has filed a class action lawsuit against University Hospitals in the wake of its admission that thousands of eggs and embryos have likely been destroyed at its fertility clinic.

The case has received considerable media attention, including:


“Our clients are absolutely devastated, as I’m sure countless families across Ohio are, in the wake of this catastrophic failure by University Hospitals,” said Mark DiCello of DiCello Levitt, attorney for the plaintiffs. “Let’s not forget those affected are grieving the loss of thousands of potential daughters and sons. They are in a state of confusion, anger and sorrow, with too many unanswered questions. With this lawsuit, we will get answers and stop this from happening again.”

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    If you or a loved one were affected by failures in embryo and egg storage, please contact us to discuss your rights and our ongoing lawsuit by filling out the form below.

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