DiCello Levitt Is Part of Attorney Team That Wins $4.2 Million Verdict for Sexual Assault Victim Against U.S. Twirling Association

Jun 11, 2024

DiCello Levitt and co-counsel Andrew S. Goldwasser of Ciano + Goldwasser won a significant case representing a young woman who was sexually assaulted while on a trip promoted by the United States Twirling Association.

Following a 2.5-week trial and three days of jury deliberations, the jury awarded the plaintiff, who was 17 years old at the time of the assault, a $4.2 million verdict. The defendants in this case were the United States Twirling Association, its president (named individually), and the chaperone assigned by the association to accompany the young women on their tour.

The DiCello Levitt team, led by Greg Gutzler, and Co-Counsel, led by Andrew S. Goldwasser, demonstrated negligence on the part of the association. The jury found the association 88% responsible and the chaperone 12% responsible in her personal capacity.

The lawsuit is Doe 1 et al v. United States Twirling Association, Inc. et al. Case No. 2:22-cv-05399 (E.D.N.Y.).

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