DLC Seeks an Order Requiring Apple to Preserve Evidence in Nationwide Battery Defect Class Action

Jan 17, 2018

Adam Levitt was quoted in USA Today’s Talking Tech about DiCello Levitt’s recently-filed motion for a preliminary injunction against Apple, Inc. Together with co-counsel Fazio Micheletti LLP, DLC filed a lawsuit against Apple related to the recent revelations that Apple purposefully slowed down iPhones with operating software updates in response to battery defects.

In the article, Mr. Levitt stated that the motion was filed to ensure that Apple “maintain and preserve any data it collects through diagnostic testing in order to protect the claims of all affected consumers” as well as any defective batteries that Apple replaces on users’ iPhones. DLC argues that this evidence is crucial to proving the claims presented in the class action.

Read the full article here.

Read the motion seeking the preliminary injunction order click here.

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