Family, Attorneys, and Activists seek Justice in the Shooting Death of Jalen Randle 

May 12, 2022

Autopsy confirms that 29-year-old Randle was killed by a gunshot wound to the back of the neck by the Houston Police Department

On May 11 2022, DiCello Levitt attorney Eli Hare, participated in the news conference following the release of a private autopsy report regarding the shooting death of Jalen Randle. Attorney Benjamin Crump, and Eli Hare, along with members of the Randle family, spoke during the news conference.

On April 27, Randle was shot and killed by a Houston Police Department officer.  The autopsy results corroborated witness statements that Jalen Randle was killed by a gunshot wound to the back of the neck. According to the family, witnesses state that Randle was running away from officers when he was shot and killed.

“Jalen’s death was unjustifiable. Jalen had no defensive wounds, no marks of trauma, and no indication of any other violence. This is a man who was murdered while he was fleeing. What [the Houston Police Department] doesn’t want you to think about is how a five-year-old girl is going to live the rest of her life without a father. DiCello Levitt is honored to work alongside Ben Crump and his law firm in the pursuit of justice for Jalen,” Eli Hare stated. 

Attorney Crump asked the Houston Police Department to release the footage by May 25, the second death anniversary of George Floyd. For full coverage,

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