Fertility Clinic Malfunctions and Egg and Embryo Destruction Investigations

Mar 11, 2018

DiCello Levitt is investigating lawsuits related to failures in storage equipment that compromised embryos and eggs.  The firm has already filed a class action lawsuit against University Hospitals Ahuja Medical Center fertility clinic on behalf of families who were affected after the temperature in a storage tank rose too high, potentially destroying more than 2,000 embryos and eggs.  

“Our clients are absolutely devastated, as I’m sure countless families across Ohio are in the wake of this catastrophic failure by University Hospitals,” said Mark DiCello, partner of the firm, representing clients who were impacted by the clinic’s malfunction.  “Let’s not forget those affected are grieving the loss of thousands of potential daughters and sons. The affected patients are in a state of confusion, anger, and sorrow at the moment, with a lot of unanswered questions. With this lawsuit, we aim to get some answers.

Adam Levitt, another of the firm’s founding partners, added that the firm’s close connection to Ohio compelled the attorneys to act swiftly.  “While DiCello Levitt leads cases across the United States, we are deeply connected to the State of Ohio, with one of our two primary offices located in Mentor.  When we heard about this terrible negligence that occurred in our own backyard, we were compelled to seek justice for the hundreds of Ohio families whose health and well-being have been so shockingly disrupted by University Hospitals’ conduct.”

The firm is conducting investigations of potential similar lawsuits at clinics across the country, including Pacific Fertility Clinic, a San Francisco facility, which experienced a similar malfunction earlier this month, potentially damaging hundreds of patients’ eggs and embryos, putting chances of future in vitro fertilization at risk.

The firm’s Ohio lawsuit has been covered by several news sources and affiliates, including Fox, CBS, and NBC.  

If you believe that you were impacted by a fertility clinic or hospital malfunction that potentially destroyed your embryos or eggs, we are happy to speak with you about the ongoing litigation, and how to protect your rights.  Please either fill out the form below, or call (440) 953-8888 to speak with one of our attorneys today.

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