Attorneys, Family of Ruth Whitfield, Address the Mass Shooting in Buffalo

May 18, 2022

DiCello Levitt serving as co-counsel with Ben Crump and Terry Connors on behalf of the Whitfield family

On May 16, 2022, DiCello Levitt partner Ken Abbarno participated in a news conference that paid tribute to Buffalo mass shooting victim Ruth Whitfield. Ken Abbarno, Ben Crump, and Terry Connors, along with members of the Whitfield family, spoke during the news conference.

On Saturday, May 14, 86-year-old Whitfield visited her 88 year-old husband at his nursing home. She stopped at Tops Friendly Market on her way home and was killed by the self-proclaimed white supremacist gunman. She was one of the 13 victims of the shooting and a beloved wife, mother and grandmother.

During the press conference, Buffalo native Ken Abbarno stated,

“I’m truly humbled to be standing here today, being asked to help the Whitfield family through this horrible act. It’s a senseless, preventable act of destruction and violence. Preventable is the key word. I’ve been practicing law almost thirty years now, and what I never thought was that I’d be back in my hometown talking about such a horrible event. All of the signs were there. We could tell that now with only less than 48 hours since this tragedy. All of the red flags. We will find more. What we also need to find out is how the tools are allowed to get in monsters’ hands. We keep hearing about we’re going to stop it; we’re going to fix it. And then people do not have the courage to actually follow through on that. And, when people do not have the courage to enact the laws to stop the ability for the tools of destruction to get into monsters’ hands, we see this. An indescribable feeling of pain and sorry that will never ever go away. Our goal and our mission is to find out how we prevent that next event from happening.

And, we will not stop. We will not stop until that happens.”

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