Bobby DiCello and Ken Abbarno Speak with National Media in Wake of Grand Jury’s Failure to Recommend Criminal Charges Against Akron Police Officers Who Fatally Shot Jayland Walker

Apr 26, 2023

DiCello appears on CNN’s AC360, NBC’s Today Show, CBS News, and others in support of the Walker family and “Justice for Jayland”

The Ohio Special Prosecutor’s office concluded its presentation of evidence to a grand jury on April 17, failing to recommend criminal charges against the eight Akron police officers who, on June 27, 2022, fired more than 90 rounds at Jayland Walker, an unarmed Black man, striking him 46 times and killing him. The Walker family and their legal counsel, Bobby DiCello and Kenneth Abbarno, of DiCello Levitt LLP, have long expressed concern that the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation’s (BCI) investigative process was unfair. They had been informed by the Attorney General’s office that the eight officers would testify before the grand jury.  Unfortunately, it was not revealed if the officers actually testified.

“The Walker family has not abandoned its search for justice, and we intend to continue that fight in the weeks and months ahead,” DiCello said in a statement. “Jayland’s family will be filing a lawsuit to hold these officers accountable for their barbaric actions.”

DiCello was interviewed by several major national media outlets following the grand jury’s decision. You may view his full interviews below:

On June 27, Walker, a 25-year-old, unarmed Akron resident, was shot and tragically killed by eight Akron police officers after he was pursued for a minor traffic violation. Walker’s tragic death made national headlines for the Akron Police Department’s brutal use of unreasonable lethal force. As expected, the medical examiner’s report found that Walker was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the incident.

DiCello continued: “In a civil forum, the officers and the parties that have shamefully shielded them from criminal responsibility will be made to answer for how they cornered an unarmed, young Black man as he fled, sprayed him with dozens of rounds of gunfire, piercing him an astounding 46 times, and then inhumanely handcuffed him while he lay on the ground bleeding to death. I have had the misfortune of viewing photos of that scene, and it is easily the most disturbing thing I’ve seen in my career.”

As reported by News 5 Cleveland, “We will not stop until we have the answers to the questions. The questions as to why. We want every bullet accounted for, that is what was promised,” Abbarno said.

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