DiCello Levitt Elevates Justin Hawal to Partner and Eli Hare to Senior Counsel

Feb 09, 2023

Firm continues to strengthen its trial team

CHICAGO — DiCello Levitt is pleased to announce the promotion of Justin Hawal to Partner and Eli Hare to Senior Counsel.

Justin Hawal

Justin Hawal’s work spans a broad range of practice areas, including product liability, mass torts, class action, civil rights, human rights, personal injury, and medical malpractice litigation. He was awarded Public Justice’s Trial Lawyer of the Year in 2021 for his work on the trial team in Black v. Hicks, a groundbreaking civil rights case that involved shocking police misconduct and resulted in a $50 million jury award. He has also been named a National Law Journal, Elite Trial Lawyers: Rising Star.

Justin has been involved in several personal injury trials that have resulted in verdicts in favor of the firm’s clients in excess of $1 million, including two clients who were catastrophically injured by the reckless driving of a police officer as well as a client who was killed by the reckless operation of a school bus. He has also been integrally involved in numerous medical malpractice trials and settlements, resulting in substantial recoveries for his clients.  And, earlier this year, the firm achieved a rare reversal of a class action dismissal in the United States Court of Appeals for the Eight Circuit, in a case where Justin argued the appeal.  Michael Tucker, et al. v. General Motors LLC.

Justin is also a key member of the DiCello Levitt team that filed the largest single international sex trafficking lawsuit in U.S. history against Peter Nygard and his companies, involving a continuing conspiracy and pattern of rape, sexual assault, and sex trafficking—spanning five decades—occurring in multiple countries around the world, including the U.S., Canada, and the Bahamas.  

“Justin’s considerable courtroom experience and growth as a lawyer in pursuing justice on behalf of our clients is pivotal to our growth. He is immensely skilled, and we are proud to call him our partner,” said Mark DiCello, DiCello Levitt’s Co-Founding Partner.

Eli Hare

Eli Hare is a trial attorney who focuses on mass torts, civil and human rights violation cases, personal injury, environmental contamination, and employment discrimination disputes. He represents people and entities victimized by companies that cause harm by manufacturing and selling defective products, chemicals, and medical devices. 

Since joining DiCello Levitt, Eli has played integral roles in many of the firm’s high-profile civil and human rights litigation matters, mass torts, and employment discriminations cases.  Among Eli’s work to seek equal justice for all is that Eli is a key member of a team who filed a federal lawsuit to prohibit Alabama from using a racially gerrymandered congressional map in future elections in a case that will serve as a test for the future of the Voting Rights Act in the United States. The case is currently pending before the United States Supreme Court.

In addition, Eli is a key member of the DiCello Levitt mass tort team at the forefront of the litigation seeking justice for women who developed uterine cancer and ovarian cancer after using chemical hair relaxing products.  Eli also serves as a key member of DiCello Levitt’s civil rights team where his clients include the family of former NFL player, Glenn Foster, Jr., who died while in custody of a local sheriff’s department while in jail and university students who suffered from sexual assault while at school. “Eli’s work ethic and acumen exemplify a commitment to justice in client representations.  He will continue to grow in the coming years as he ascends into continued positions of leadership,” stated Diandra “Fu” Debrosse Zimmermann, the Managing Partner of DiCello Levitt’s Birmingham, Alabama office.

About DiCello Levitt

At DiCello Levitt, we’re dedicated to achieving justice for our clients through class action, public client, mass tort, business-to-business, civil rights, whistleblower, and personal injury litigation. Our lawyers are highly respected for their ability to litigate and win cases—whether by trial, settlement, or otherwise—for people who have suffered harm, global corporations that have sustained significant economic losses, and public clients seeking to protect their citizens’ rights and interests. Every day, we put our reputations—and our capital—on the line for our clients. 

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