DiCello Levitt Represents Family of Jayland Walker, Fatally Shot by Police More than 40 Times During Routine Traffic Stop

Jul 07, 2022

The family of Jayland Walker, a 25-year-old Black man shot more than 40 times by police officers in Akron, Ohio, have retained the law firm of DiCello Levitt to ensure transparency and accountability in investigations and possible prosecution of the actions leading to their son’s death. Body camera footage recently released by the City of Akron Police Department shows that Walker was unarmed and was killed when he fled the police during a routine traffic stop.

The eight officers directly involved in the shooting have been placed on paid administrative leave while the Ohio Bureau of Investigation conducts a review of the shooting. This is the first time ever that Akron police have used an outside agency to review the use of deadly force by its officers.

Bobby DiCello appeared with the Walker family at a press conference on July 3 at Akron’s St. Ashworth Church, accompanied by DiCello Levitt attorneys Kenneth Abbarno and Elizabeth Paige White, as well as members of the clergy and representatives from the NAACP. 

Demonstrations in Akron have occurred nightly since the release of the video footage. DiCello asked the   community to remain peaceful: “If you can do anything for the family, please give peace, give dignity and give justice a chance for Jayland.”

Abbarno noted that their mission is to seek answers: “He was shot for a traffic violation. We’re here to find out how, we’re here to find out why, and here to hold those accountable so that these events don’t have to happen.”

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