Exelon Extortion Efforts in Springfield Don’t Tell the Truth About the Utility’s Profitability

Jul 31, 2021

Lead attorneys in class action against ComEd reveal details about energy price-jacking scheme

CHICAGO —Romanucci & Blandin, LLC and DiCello Levitt LLC as co-lead counsel in the class action against ComEd for the impact of its admitted bribery scheme provided comments about efforts by its parent company, Exelon, to threaten Illinois lawmakers who are currently considering a bailout of the utility.  Exelon claims it needs additional state funding because its nuclear plants are not profitable.   

The class action legal team has information to counter this narrative and wants to ensure that the Governor, lawmakers, and residents are aware of the corporate shell game before a final vote on a bailout.

“The extortion efforts underway by Exelon in Springfield are both insulting to residents and not forthcoming of the company’s true financial position. Their claims that their nuclear plants are not profitable are patently false and we have the data to prove that. Our discovery related to the class action lawsuit has revealed a detailed corporate scheme of selling energy to subsidiaries and raising the price before selling it to consumers. We urge Illinois lawmakers and the Governor to fully inform themselves before making any decision on a bailout for the utility,” said attorney Adam Levitt of DiCello Levitt Gutzler LLC.

“ComEd’s corruption has cost consumers and businesses in Illinois far too much for far too long. And adding insult to injury, they are now not being straight about how they jack up the price of energy by trading it within their corporate entities, resulting in an ultimate sale to consumers that is twice what it cost to produce. Exelon says it is losing money growing lemon trees, but not telling you it is making a fortune selling lemonade,” said attorney Stephan Blandin of Romanucci & Blandin, LLC

The class action lawsuit on behalf of consumers and businesses alleging that Commonwealth Edison violated the Illinois Consumer Fraud Act and unjustly enriched itself by overcharging its 4 million customers in Illinois for years. The recent $200MM ComEd agreement to pay the government following a federal bribery investigation does nothing to compensate the individuals and businesses who actually overpaid. The lawsuit was filed July 27, 2020 in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Chancery Division. 

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