For Second Straight Year, DiCello Levitt’s Technology and Cybersecurity Practice is Awarded Cybersecurity & Privacy Group of the Year by Law360

Feb 02, 2022

For the second straight year, DiCello Levitt’s technology and cybersecurity practice was recognized as a 2021 Law360 Cybersecurity & Privacy Group of the Year. In choosing DiCello Levitt, the editors noted that the firm “convinced a California court that consumers’ lost personal data has inherent value and helped keep alive litigation stemming from a ransomware attack against cloud computing provider Blackbaud, Inc.”

Law360 editors pointed to partner Amy Keller’s historic leadership appointment in the Equifax data breach MDL and the successes of partner David Straite, CIPP/US, against Google, Facebook, and other tech giants. They also noted the significant additions to DiCello Levitt’s cybersecurity and privacy team in 2021, including lawyers James Ulwick.

“What Amy has built in the data breach case meshes so well with my expertise in the privacy space,” David Straite told Law360. “I’m already seeing so much synergy between the two sides of our practice.”

Noting the significant advances in the law that the technology and cybersecurity practice group has made to benefit consumers, Amy Keller said in her interview,“We’re continuing to see momentum for the important legal premise that personal data has value and that people can suffer economic injury because of the theft of their information, and we’re going to continue to see that idea echo across the country.”


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