Partner Daniel Flynn Appointed as Interim Co-Lead Class Counsel in Chemtool Fire Lawsuit

Jul 26, 2021

Lawsuit stems from massive June 14 Rockton, Illinois environmental disaster

CHICAGO — DiCello Levitt Gutzler Partner Daniel R. Flynn has been appointed Interim Co-Lead Class Counsel by Judge Donna R. Honzel in the Winnebago County, Illinois lawsuit related to the fire and explosions that occurred last month at the Chemtool, Inc. chemical plant in Rockton, Illinois. 

In the early hours of June 14, 2021, a fire and series of explosions occurred at a chemical plant operated by Chemtool Incorporated in Rockton, Illinois.  The explosions and fire caused a massive smoke and dust plume, visible from more than 100 miles away and detectable by weather satellites, that darkened the skies and deposited a variety of burning and smoldering debris throughout the neighboring community.  Winnebago County, Illinois authorities issued an executive proclamation of disaster emergency and ordered residents to evacuate and wear masks to protect against inhalation of potentially toxic and harmful chemicals.  The extent of damage to the environment in surrounding communities is currently under investigation.

“I am honored to have been entrusted with helping people return their homes, properties, and lives back to where they were before they were damaged by this catastrophic event,” said Dan.

Dan leads DiCello Levitt’s environmental practice and assists governmental agencies, individuals, communities, and corporate entities with ensuring that companies that have violated environmental regulations are held accountable to remediate the harm that they have caused, through civil litigation, contribution and cost recovery actions, citizen suits, enforcement actions, and proper due diligence and contract negotiation.

The firm’s environmental practice and its attorneys have represented individuals, communities, and entire states in holding some of the largest companies in the world responsible for polluting the environment and endangering human health.  Dan and DiCello Levitt’s environmental litigation team are currently representing multiple states in prosecuting some of the largest pending environmental litigation in the United States.

“Dan’s environmental litigation experience will be a tremendous asset to the leadership team as they assist the individuals and businesses damaged by this massive disaster,” stated firm Co-Founding Partner Adam Levitt.

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