Partner Greg Asciolla Named a Law360 Competition and Antitrust MVP

Oct 18, 2023

DiCello Levitt is pleased to announce that Greg Asciolla, chair of the firm’s Antitrust and Competition Litigation practice and managing partner of the New York office, has been recognized by Law360 as a 2023 Competition and Antitrust MVP.

Law360 MVP distinctions are awarded to attorneys who have distinguished themselves in their practice and secured successes in high-stakes litigation, complex global matters, and record-breaking deals. In 2023, the organization selected just 171 attorneys in 37 practice areas from more than 900 applications. Greg is one of six attorneys recognized for Competition and Antitrust.

In his MVP profile, Law360 noted Greg’s triumph in bringing “widespread actions against huge companies like Raytheon over their alleged collusion over non-poaching agreements.” In his role as co-lead counsel in Borozny, et al. v. Raytheon Technologies Corp, et al., Greg represents thousands of engineers and other skilled employees who have allegedly been wronged by the aerospace giants, defeating in large part the defendants’ motion to dismiss.

Greg was also lauded for bringing diversity to the antitrust bar. Earlier this year, he co-hosted the first LGBTQ+ reception during the American Bar Association’s 2023 Antitrust Spring Meeting. Greg said, “One of my missions, as I get more senior, is to create more opportunities for diverse attorneys in the antitrust bar — not only … sexual orientation diversity, but gender diversity, ethnicity diversity, and it’s really one of the things I’m working hard on doing.”

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