Robert F. DiCello Published in Trial Magazine

Jul 09, 2019

DiCello Levitt partner Robert F. Dicello was published in the July 2019 edition of Trial Magazine. His article titled “Demonstrative Exhibits: Are You Doing it Wrong?” examines the importance of creating better demonstrative exhibits at trial using voice, images, and textual elements to capture the jury’s attention and enhance their understanding. Multisensory presentations, when done well, are powerful persuasive tools, DiCello states. From the article:

Groups in multisensory environments always do better than groups in unisensory environments. Their recall is more accurate, more detailed, and longer-lasting—even 20 years later. Problem-solving ability improves too. One study of juror memory found that retention increased 650% when oral communication was combined with visual communication. All of this shows that if we are going to motivate jurors to return the damages verdict we ask for, then we need a well-thought-out plan that uses demonstrative exhibits to show them our client’s case.

The article explains three steps to creating compelling demonstratives, including knowing the law, knowing the fundamental rules of a memorable presentation, and thinking ahead to compel the jurors’ attention.

Trial‘s July issue explores damages—including what clients need to “pick up the pieces” after a catastrophic injury to demonstrating the impact of injuries through visual aids. Trial Magazine is published by the American Association for Justice.

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