DiCello Levitt Partner Amy Keller Appointed Co-Lead Counsel of Nationwide Data Breach Case Impacting 4.8M Consumers

Sep 13, 2023

CHICAGO—The United States District Court for the Southern District of Georgia on Wednesday appointed Amy Keller, chair of DiCello Levitt’s Privacy, Technology, and Cybersecurity practice, as co-lead counsel in the national data breach case Savannah Kolstedt, et al v. TMX Finance Corporate Services Inc. (Case: 4:23-cv-00076-RSB-CLR). She will lead the case with two other women (Kelly Iverson of Lynch Carpenter LLP and MaryBeth Gibson of the Finley Firm, P.C.).

In the case, plaintiffs allege that TMX’s poor security allowed a criminal to breach its systems in December 2022, accessing sensitive information like social security numbers, dates of birth, driver’s license numbers, and other personal information. “It’s all of the information someone would need to commit fraud or identity theft,” Amy Keller said. TMX did not learn about the breach until February 2023 and estimates that the breach impacted 4.8 million people.

“TMX is in the business of extending short-term, high-cost consumer loans. It’s been repeatedly fined by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau for predatory lending practices—including making illegal loans at unlawful rates and charging unlawful fees for useless products,” Keller said. “Now, consumers have been hurt—again—because TMX did not keep their data safe. We filed this case to make sure that TMX is held accountable.”


Amy Keller has represented consumers in data privacy litigation against industry titans such as Apple, Marriott, Coca-Cola, and Equifax. In the multidistrict litigation against the credit bureau giant Equifax, Amy represented nearly 150 million class members and helped to secure a $1.5 billion settlement alongside federal and state regulators, ultimately leading to important changes to protect consumer data.

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