Privacy, Technology, and Cybersecurity

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Consumers rely on digital communication, mobile devices, apps, and other technology to conduct business, manage their finances, make purchases, and communicate with loved ones. While technology can make work and life easier, it can also expose our personal information in ways consumers may not have consented or to dangerous cyber threats, with potentially devastating consequences. DiCello Levitt represents plaintiffs affected by large data breaches and wrongful use of their private information. We do so with the same zeal for justice, technical know-how, and litigation acumen that we always employ whenever large corporate interests endanger the lives and livelihoods of individuals.

Named “Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Practice Group of the Year” by Law360 for 2020, 2021, and 2022, our Privacy, Technology, and Cybersecurity group has led or is leading several of the world’s largest data privacy class action lawsuits, including multidistrict litigations against Equifax, Marriott, Blackbaud, and others. The team is chaired by Amy Keller, who was appointed co-lead counsel in the nationwide litigation of nearly 150 million class members against Equifax, where she played a pivotal role in securing the largest settlement in a data breach to date: a cash fund of up to $505 million and a commitment from Equifax to invest $1 billion in security changes. Our team also includes partner David Straite, a certified information privacy professional and pioneer in class actions aimed at protecting consumer privacy who has successfully argued or is currently litigating landmark cases against Facebook, Google, and Apple. This depth of knowledge and experience, combined with our deep bench of attorneys skilled in complex, technology-focused litigation makes our firm a formidable foe to the companies, particularly tech giants, that may be misusing and/or exposing your personal data.

Representative Matters
  • In re Facebook Internet Tracking Litigation

Achieved a substantial settlement on behalf of a class of consumers against Facebook, alleging Facebook inappropriately collected user data and sold it to third parties. The watershed case reinforces the notion that privacy violations are concrete injuries.

  • In re Blackbaud, Inc., Customer Data Breach Litigation

Represent a class of consumers as Co-Lead Counsel against Blackbaud whose lax security measures exposed sensitive information in a data breach. The case set a precedent that individual consumers can sue a third-party data broker for its security failures.

  • In re Equifax, Inc. Customer Data Security Breach Litigation

Secured the largest data breach settlement in history as Co-Lead Counsel against Equifax. The settlement included binding commitments from Equifax to institute third-party monitoring of expert recommended security features going forward and a guarantee to provide credit monitoring for every class member who requested it, potentially more than $3,000,000,000 in damages.

  • In re Google RTB Consumer Privacy Litigation

Represent a class of consumers as Executive Committee member against Google for breaching its contractual promise not to sell users’ personal information by rebroadcasting data during real time bidding auctions, exposing the data to potential ad buyers and participants surveilling the auctions with no intent to purchase ads.

  • In re Marriott International, Inc., Customer Data Sec. Breach Litig.

Represent a class of nearly 400 million consumers as Co-Lead Counsel against Marriott for a data breach that exposed sensitive personal information and then failing to timely notify the victims. The district court’s rulings in favor of the class are now routinely cited in cybersecurity cases.