Antitrust and Competition Litigation

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Both state and federal law protects businesses and consumers from anticompetitive and otherwise unfair trade practices. These laws include the Sherman Act, the Federal Trade Commission Act, and the Clayton Act, which were each passed ensure fair competition in the marketplace. These laws mandate that businesses operate fairly to keep prices competitive and quality high. Antitrust laws are complex and constantly changing from court and legislative actions. However, they provide valuable guidance and important incentives to keep business practices fair.

DiCello Levitt’s skilled antitrust, appellate, and class action attorneys help businesses and consumers right the wrongs against them through aggressive advocacy and skilled problem-solving. Our team of antitrust attorneys is called on as plaintiffs’ counsel time and again because of our track record of success. We have litigated some of the largest federal and state antitrust matters in the U.S.—including class action lawsuits, often creating new law through our efforts. We handle claims ranging from market allocation and price fixing to market manipulation and monopolization. We also represent Bon-Ton Stores Inc. in a class action lawsuit against major U.S. media conglomerates alleging a conspiracy in driving up the price of television ads. DiCello Levitt also combines its antitrust expertise with its experience in representing governmental entities. For instance, DiCello Levitt represents the State of New Mexico in connection with a nationwide broiler chicken antitrust matter, which has sparked investigations and indictments over price fixing and rigged bids, as well as in a similar action involving a nationwide pork producers’ antitrust conspiracy.