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DiCello Levitt represents public officials, State Attorneys General, government entities, and state-owned enterprises—including pension, retirement, and other investment funds—in class action, False Claims Act, and other complex commercial litigations. Our clients include the Oregon Department of Justice on behalf of itself and the Office of the Oregon Treasurer in domestic and international securities litigation; the State of New Mexico in consumer protection and securities litigation; and the States of Michigan and Illinois in litigation over environmental contaminants. When we work with public clients, we frequently negotiate larger settlements than recoveries secured by government prosecutors alone in similar actions.

We offer our public clients a track record of billion-dollar recoveries against some of the largest and most powerful corporate defendants in the world. Our attorneys bring a deep understanding of the public client perspective, having worked alongside government attorneys and investigators in cases such as the Volkswagen emissions scandal and the Takata airbag litigation. Furthermore, several of our partners began their careers as government prosecutors. When we work with public clients, we always maintain an unswerving focus on what is best for them today, tomorrow, and years into the future. We approach our work as a joint venture, where we provide support through active, ongoing collaboration, while drawing on our own significant legal, scientific, and technological resources to aggressively pursue justice and bring about meaningful social change.

Representative Matters
  • State of New Mexico, ex rel. Hector H. Balderas v. Volkswagen Group of America

Represented the State of New Mexico against Volkswagen, Audi, and Porsche, asserting state Unfair Practices Act and False Advertising Act claims relating to diesel vehicles they sold in the State of New Mexico containing “defeat devices” they installed to evade emissions standards. Achieved a settlement per vehicle that far exceeded the damages any other state received in related litigation.

  • State of New Mexico, ex rel. Hector H. Balderas v. Honda Motor Co. et al.

Obtained more than $25 million on behalf of the State of New Mexico against Honda, Ford, and other automobile companies for the marketing and sale of vehicles with Takata airbag inflators susceptible to rupture and capable of causing death and severe injury.

  • State of New Mexico, ex rel. Hector H. Balderas v. Solvay Pharms.

The State of New Mexico retained DiCello Levitt to pursue claims against the manufacture of AndroGel for the deceptive marketing and sale of  this testosterone therapy supplement  as a “cure” for aging men, while omitting the cardiovascular and other risks associated with the drug.  

  • State of New Mexico, ex rel. Hector H. Balderas v. Wells Fargo & Company

Successfully represented the State of New Mexico against Wells Fargo for fraudulently opening unauthorized bank accounts and credit cards in the names of New Mexico customers and enrolling them in unauthorized banking services. DiCello Levitt netted New Mexico the highest settlement premium of any state in the nation.

  • State of Michigan

The State of Michigan retained DiCello Levitt in its multibillion-dollar fight against the manufacturers of “Forever Chemicals” (PFAS and AFFF) for contaminating the State’s air, water and soil. The amount of contamination by the State makes this case is one of the largest environmental pollution cases in U.S. history. DiCello Levitt was selected by the State of Michigan’s independent review team from fifteen competing proposals submitted by law firms across the country.