Securities and Financial Services Litigation

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DiCello Levitt represents individuals, institutional investors, and businesses of all sizes — including banks, funds and advisers — that have been impacted by financial malfeasance or failures to comply with securities regulations. If you or your company have been defrauded through a Ponzi scheme, deceived or misled by a business partner or third party, or have lost money through errors made by an investment manager in breach of their fiduciary duty, we can help you. We can help obtain justice against the bad actors and compensation for your losses. Leveraging our extensive knowledge of claims under the Securities Act of 1933 and the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, we litigate cases involving omissions and nondisclosure, fraudulent statements and financial schemes, deceptive trade practices, and breach of duty, as well as matters of market manipulation, takeovers and proxy disputes, and insider trading.

Our team members have worked on some of most high-profile securities actions ever filed, including the successful $1 billion securities class action against Merck & Co., Inc. over alleged misrepresentations about the safety of its drug Vioxx. Many have worked for the Department of Justice, prosecuting financial crimes such as those arising from the residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS) crisis. Collaborating with a team of e-discovery specialists, investigators, and forensic accountants with federal and state law enforcement experience, we are quick to grasp complex structured finance issues, from mortgage-backed and asset-backed collateralized debt obligations to credit-default swaps and credit-linked notes; when we suspect financial misconduct, we know how to gather and present compelling evidence in order to secure generous recoveries for our clients.