Class Action Litigation

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Class action lawsuits serve the public interest by holding large corporations accountable for the safety and reliability of their products and services, and bringing justice to those impacted by corporate failure to exercise reasonable care. The attorneys at DiCello Levitt have recovered billions of dollars in damages for clients harmed by the negligent and noncompliant actions of corporate entities and executives in industries ranging from automotive and financial services to pharmaceutical and medical devices, insurance, biotechnology, and agribusiness. For example, we played a pivotal role in securing the largest settlement in a data breach to date in the Equifax Data Security Breach Litigation, where the sensitive personal information of over 147 million Americans was compromised. We negotiated a cash fund of up to $505 million, and a commitment from Equifax to invest $1 billion in data security changes. We also achieved a $135 million settlement – a landmark in the trucking industry – in the high-profile class action litigation against Navistar, where the exhaust gas recirculation system in some of its engines allegedly failed to comply with EPA emissions standards.

What differentiates us from other plaintiff firms is our attorneys’ well-earned reputation for successful strategies, intense and prolonged preparation, and consistent results. That is why we have been named lead or co-lead counsel in more than 20 multidistrict litigations in the past four years. Not only do we secure significant settlements and verdicts for the classes we represent, but our advocacy results in noteworthy corporate changes and best practices that protect the safety of future consumers. In addition to matters involving cybersecurity and product liability, the firm’s founders have decades of experience representing plaintiffs in cases of defective biotechnology, unfair competition, insurance fraud, and securities fraud. We are known for working tirelessly with scientific and technical expert consultants, economists, engineers, market consultants, and witnesses during all stages of litigation – pretrial, at trial, or on appeal – in order to achieve the best possible resolution for our clients and the wider public good.

Representative Matters
  • Catalano v. BMW of North America, LLC

Obtained a substantial settlement for plaintiffs in class action litigation against BMW for design defects that caused electrical failures in their vehicles.

  • Champs Sports Bar & Grill v. Mercury Payment Systems, LLC

Achieved a $52 million settlement for small business owners as Co-Lead Counsel in the nationwide class action alleging that Mercury Payment Systems inflated and overcharged card processing fees and collected other undisclosed charges. Mike Bowers, Georgia’s former Attorney General, called it a “work of art” and “one of the best pieces of legal work I have ever observed.”

  • Cunningham v. Ford Motor Co.

Represent a proposed nationwide class of Ford vehicle owners for defective tailgate latches that can cause dangerous risks of personal injury and loss of valuable cargo.

  • In re: Fairlife Milk Products Marketing and Sales Practices Litigation

Represent plaintiffs in class action litigation involving milk products and alleged animal abuse. 

  • In re General Motors LLC Ignition Switch Litigation

Achieved a $121.1 million settlement as Plaintiffs’ Executive Committee member and Settlement Allocation Counsel for the nationwide class of GM owners against General Motors for damages from the defective ignition switches installed in its vehicles.

  • Lynch v. Motorola Mobility LLC

Obtained a substantial settlement for plaintiffs in class action litigation against Motorola for failure to provide warranty service. 

  • In re Navistar MaxxForce Litigation

Secured a $135 million settlement as Co-Lead Counsel for a class of truck owners and lessees in the multidistrict class action lawsuit alleging that Navistar’s 2011-2014 model year vehicles were equipped with defective MaxxForce diesel engines.

  • In re Nissan North America, Inc. Litigation

Represent a nationwide class of vehicle owners with defective braking systems as Co-Lead Counsel against Nissan and Infiniti.

  • White v. FCA US LLC

Represent a proposed nationwide class of consumers who purchased minivans with defective door latches that expose families to significant risk of personal injury and property loss.