Partners Kenneth Abbarno and Greg Gutzler Recognized as 2021 “Trailblazers” by The National Law Journal

May 04, 2021

Recognized for their work as change agents on the plaintiffs’ side, The National Law Journal announced Partners Kenneth P. Abbarno and Greg G. Gutzler in its fifth annual list of Plaintiffs’ Lawyers Trailblazers.

Partner Kenneth P. Abbarno spent almost twenty years as a defense attorney before he decided to shift to the plaintiffs’ side, noting “I felt as though I wasn’t on the right side, and I know have the opportunity to work on cases that matter to me, which includes helping to solve problems for families and small businesses.”

Since the start of the pandemic, Ken has been part of a leading coalition of lawyers helping hundreds of companies and organizations recover their operational losses and damages in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Ken currently represents a wide range of businesses and organizations—including professional sports teams, educational institutions, real estate companies, and the owners and operators of hotels, restaurants, movie theaters, shopping centers, apartment complexes, and entertainment venues—to substantiate and litigate their business interruption claims.  

Partner Greg G. Gutzler transitioned to the plaintiffs’ side, after spending fifteen years on the defense side, because, in his words, “Being on the plaintiffs’ side always presents the opportunity to pick your clients, which you don’t have on the defense side.”

Greg currently represents more than 100 women against Canadian fashion designer Peter Nygard and related companies in one of the largest single international sex trafficking lawsuits. He also represents ethanol producers in a class action against Archer Daniels Midland Company, alleging that it manipulated the U.S. ethanol markets, with traders on the other side taking a short position.

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