DiCello Levitt Celebrates Rapid Growth and Commitment to: “Justice in all its DIMENSIONS”

Jun 21, 2022

Firm Launches New Brand to Coincide with its Fifth Anniversary

Chicago – DiCello Levitt has announced the launch of its new brand campaign as it marks its fifth year as a national litigation powerhouse. Since its formation in 2017, with two offices and 11 lawyers, the firm has expanded to five offices and 50+ lawyers, recovering more than $20 billion for its clients across its diverse practice areas throughout the United States and internationally. It’s a success story not often seen in the legal industry.

“As our five-year milestone was approaching, we made a commitment to discern and articulate what was truly distinctive about our firm and our team, and the value that we provide to our clients,” said Mark DiCello, a founding partner. “What emerged from that process was the realization that what we’re really about is our team’s shared belief that justice can and must be pursued, for any entity or individual who is wronged by others in our society.”

Reflecting on what is most important about their achievements, DiCello Levitt crystallized its sense of mission and commitment into a single phrase: Justice in all its DIMENSIONS. At one level, the phrase describes who the firm serves: clients of all sizes, who rely on the firm’s legal guidance in class actions, business litigations, whistleblower matters, public client litigation, and other types of cases. At another level, the phrase highlights the firm’s lawyers, who draw on their diverse backgrounds and personal beliefs to commit to pursuing justice for clients while building a better society.

“We know who we are as a law firm and the value that we deliver to our clients,” said Adam Levitt, a founding partner. “Our task now is to clarify and advance our unique attributes for our clients and the legal industry as a whole. We intend to give Justice in all Its DIMENSIONS greater voice in our work and in the public space as we continue to pursue and achieve landmark successes across our many practice areas.”

Over the next couple of weeks, the firm will release a set of video vignettes with firm lawyers and business professionals providing a short statement about what Justice in all its DIMENSIONS means to each person. The videos will be available on the firm’s YouTube channel and posted on social media.

“Key to our firm’s future is to continue to put younger lawyers, women, and minorities into significant case leadership roles. Our goal is to help nurture everyone and serve as a conduit for diverse members of our firm to put them on a leadership track. We believe in mentorship, and we work hard to ensure that, not only are voices heard in our firm, but also that those voices engender change in the marketplace and society,” said Greg Gutzler, a partner.

About DiCello Levitt

At DiCello Levitt, we’re dedicated to achieving justice for our clients through mass tort, class action, business-to-business, public client, whistleblower, and personal injury litigation. Our lawyers are highly respected for their ability to litigate and win cases—whether by trial, settlement, or otherwise—for people who have suffered harm, global corporations that have sustained significant economic losses, and public clients seeking to protect their citizens’ rights and interests. Every day, we put our reputations—and our capital—on the line for our clients.

For more information, please visit www.dicellolevitt.com

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