DiCello Levitt’s Innovative Approach to Trial Science Featured by Lawdragon

Dec 06, 2023

In the rarefied air of high-end trial practice, DiCello Levitt stands as a pioneer, reshaping the landscape with a strategic and scientific approach, as illustrated in Lawdragon’s recent article. “Teaching To Win: How DiCello Levitt Is Shaping the Future of Trial Science” highlights the firm’s growth over the last six years, its trial-first philosophy, and the positive—and ever-growing—impact of the DiCello Levitt Trial Center.

Established in 2017, DiCello Levitt has rapidly, but strategically, expanded to more than 80 lawyers across multiple offices, gaining renown for tackling complex litigation matters worldwide. The firm’s success is, in part, attributable to its trial-first approach. “The ultimate safety valve for any lawyer is the ability to tell their opponent, ‘Let’s go to trial.’ That ability drives cases, discovery, and ultimately, larger settlements. We at DiCello Levitt pride ourselves on our ability to do that at the highest levels and across all of our practice groups,” noted Founding Partner Adam Levitt.

Central to this approach is the DiCello Levitt Trial Center, co-led by Trial Center Team Leader  Bobby DiCello and Trial Center Coordinator and Cleveland Office Managing Partner Ken Abbarno. As detailed in Lawdragon’s article, the Trial Center’s scientific methods have yielded groundbreaking insights into winning strategies, contributing to more than $2 billion in verdicts and settlements since the firm’s inception. The recent expansion of the Trial Center’s facilities in Cleveland (in addition to its Chicago facilities) underscores the firm’s commitment to training attorneys, ensuring excellence in the nuanced art of trial practice, and reinforcing the legacy-building ethos of the firm.

Bobby’s teaching approach, as mentioned in his insights on argumentation versus teaching, is also a cornerstone of the firm’s culture. “Argument is no longer a lawyer’s first and primary tool. What has taken its place is teaching,” Bobby explained. As described in the article, this method captivates juries by prioritizing narrative over argumentation. Commitment to authenticity, quoting Bobby’s insights on the importance of revealing vulnerabilities, reflects in the Trial Center’s innovative methods, like nonviolent communication, which fosters shared needs over conflicting interests. “A lot of what we’re doing is unraveling prior training,” added Founding Partner Mark DiCello.

Within this dynamic field, DiCello Levitt emerges as a legal powerhouse, integrating science, strategy, and humanity to shape the future of trial practice.

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