DiCello Levitt’s Adam Levitt Appointed Co-Lead Interim Class Counsel in Class Actions Against Honda

Feb 21, 2023

LOS ANGELES, February 21, 2023 – DiCello Levitt is pleased to announce that co-founding partner Adam Levitt has been appointed co-lead interim class counsel for a group of putative class action lawsuits against American Honda Motor Co., one of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers. U.S. District Judge, Mark C. Scarsi of the Central District of California, selected Levitt and co-counsel, Clay Barnett and Andrew Trailor, as co-lead interim class counsel in the cases brought by consumers who purchased or leased Honda and Acura models that contained a defective idle stop function, which led to the vehicles unexpectedly stopping and shutting down in busy intersections or highway ramps, presenting dangerous conditions for the drivers and other motorists. The class actions involve vehicle owners nationwide and in New York, California, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Louisiana, Florida, and Illinois.

Levitt and his co-counsel were appointed over another group of lawyers that had filed similar cases against Honda. With the two groups vying for the leadership role, Judge Scarsi determined that while both groups were qualified, Levitt’s group had extensive experience in defective automobile cases and knowledge of the applicable laws that were “demonstrably superior” to their opponents.

Also joining Levitt in the cases are DiCello Levitt partners John Tangren and Daniel Ferri, and associate Blake Stubbs.

Levitt has scored important wins leading dozens of significant litigations on behalf of individuals, businesses, and public clients and has built a firm that reflects his resolve for justice in all its dimensions. One of the nation’s leading advocates for plaintiffs in complex multi-district, commercial, public client, and class action litigations, he has delivered nearly $20 billion in recoveries to clients in automotive defect, biotechnology, financial services, insurance coverage, consumer protection, agricultural products, antitrust, and securities disputes.

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