Mass Tort Litigation

A mass tort is a civil case in which large numbers of plaintiffs file claims against one or more common defendants in state or federal court. Those cases are then consolidated into a single action where each plaintiff has an opportunity to present their own case. Mass torts are beneficial because they can streamline the … Continued

Securities and Financial Services Litigation

DiCello Levitt represents individuals, institutional investors, and businesses of all sizes — including banks, funds and advisers — that have been impacted by financial malfeasance or failures to comply with securities regulations. If you or your company have been defrauded through a Ponzi scheme, deceived or misled by a business partner or third party, or … Continued

Pharmaceutical Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

DiCello Levitt represents consumers, fraud victims, whistleblowers, and government agencies against pharmaceutical companies for fraud, waste, abuse, and deceptive practices in the manufacture, marketing, and sale of drugs and devices. Our breadth of expertise and experience in this area includes successfully litigating cases asserting claims under the Food, Drug, and Cosmetics Act; the Controlled Substances … Continued

Whistleblower, Qui Tam, and False Claims Act

Whistleblower laws encourage the disclosure of information identifying fraud and illegal actions that undermine the fair and efficient functioning of the federal and/or state government(s) and the economy. Our team has extensive experience representing whistleblowers in countless industries under a variety of statutory regimes, including the False Claims Act (FCA), state and local false claims acts, … Continued

Privacy, Technology, and Cybersecurity

Consumers rely on digital communication, mobile devices, apps, and other technology to conduct business, manage their finances, make purchases, and communicate with loved ones. While technology can make work and life easier, it can also expose our personal information in ways consumers may not have consented or to dangerous cyber threats, with potentially devastating consequences. DiCello … Continued

Product Liability

When corporations fail to follow regulatory and legal requirements governing safety, privacy, and integrity, large numbers of individuals are vulnerable to all manner of threats. They deserve compensation, and the companies need to be held accountable. At DiCello Levitt, we use science, research, and decades of trial experience to accomplish these dual goals as we … Continued

Personal Injury

While the lawyers at DiCello Levitt have achieved national recognition for representing plaintiffs in large class actions and multidistrict ligations, we also stand up for individuals who have been harmed by powerful institutions. We have recovered considerable settlements and verdicts for clients injured by medical malpractice, automotive defects, defective medical devices and pharmaceuticals, and other … Continued

Labor and Employment Litigation

DiCello Levitt represents individuals and classes harmed by the actions of corporations and their representatives in their capacities as employers. If your workplace fails to protect you from physical or psychological injury or from the infringement of your rights due to noncompliance with OSHA, EEOC, wage and hour requirements, and other state and federal employment … Continued

Environmental Litigation

The attorneys at DiCello Levitt have years of experience representing individuals, businesses, communities, and states in suits against some of the largest companies in the world for polluting the environment and endangering human health. We secure results that make these companies take responsibility for their actions and remediate the harm they have caused. We are … Continued

Civil and Human Rights Litigation

The United States Constitution ensures that everyone in America has certain, inalienable rights. When these rights are infringed upon by government officials such as politicians, police officers, or other authority figures, it takes a special kind of advocate to stand up for what is right, achieve justice for those injured, and prevent future violations. Going … Continued

Antitrust and Competition Litigation

Both state and federal law protects businesses and consumers from anticompetitive and otherwise unfair trade practices. These laws include the Sherman Act, the Federal Trade Commission Act, and the Clayton Act, which were each passed to ensure fair competition in the marketplace. These laws mandate that businesses operate fairly to keep prices competitive and quality … Continued

Class Action Litigation

Class action lawsuits serve the public interest by holding large corporations accountable for the safety and reliability of their products and services, and bringing justice to those impacted by corporate failure to exercise reasonable care. The attorneys at DiCello Levitt have recovered billions of dollars in damages for clients harmed by the negligent and noncompliant … Continued

Public Client

DiCello Levitt represents public officials, State Attorneys General, government entities, and state-owned enterprises—including pension, retirement, and other investment funds—in class action, False Claims Act, and other complex commercial litigations. Our clients include the Oregon Department of Justice on behalf of itself and the Office of the Oregon Treasurer in domestic and international securities litigation; the … Continued

Agriculture and Biotechnology

DiCello Levitt successfully represents plaintiffs in nationwide commercial and class action lawsuits against large corporate conglomerates. This practice has enabled us to develop specific knowledge and impressive track records in certain industries, especially those with the potential to harm millions of people if standards of care are not met. One of those areas is agricultural … Continued

Commercial Litigation

The attorneys of DiCello Levitt have won billions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for clients engaged in commercial disputes. Our representations include issues ranging from the economic damage caused by the gross negligence of a leading airplane manufacturer to denials of coverage by insurance companies for losses stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. Other examples of … Continued